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If you gonna travel it is always wise to get practical information about your destination. What kind of currency you need to buy, which language is spoken. Do you need to bring a swimsuit or a wintercoat because of the weather. Is it likekely to encounter a typhoon or see an eruption of a volcano.

What is the travel advice from the governments around the world?  We will try to answer your questions on this pages.


According to the latest count by NAMRIA (The National Mapping and Resource Information Authority) The Philippines has 7.641 islands. About 5.000
There are active volcanoes in the Philippines. The Philippines Institute for Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) has established safety zones for
From April to December, typhoons can occur in the Philippines (and Southeast Asia). Just like they can occur in Curacao,
When travelling abroad it is wise to inform yourself properly about the country. Here you will find the current advice
If you want to travel independently in the Philippines then you can rent a car. Be aware that driving in
With more then 7.000 islands the Philippines has a lot of sea. Means a lot of travel will be done
With more then 7.000 islands you can imagine there are many languages and dialects (>120) in the Philippines. Since 1987
Filipino food of Filipino cuisine (Filipino: Lutuing Pilipino/Pagkaing Pilipino) is a mix of the cuisines of  more then hundred distinct
There are several Philippines airlines. Below you will find them.    
There are many means of transport in the Philippines. The traffic can be very different from your the country where
Do you need a visa to visit the Philippines ? Generally : no. Not if your visit does not exceed thirthy
Planning your trip and wondering which currency you need in the Philippines and how much  the rates are ? The
The Philippines has five types of climates:  tropical rainforest tropical savanna tropical monsoon humid subtropical oceanic  There are two seasons in the country, the wet
If you fly to the Philippines most likely you will enter the country through Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Kalibo International Airport