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From April to December, typhoons can occur in the Philippines (and Southeast Asia). Just like they can occur in Curacao, the Caribbean and for example Florida (from June to November). Hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons (or taifoens) are all the same weather phenomenon. The wind in the tropical storm must then reach speeds of at least 119 kilometers per hour.

Most of the damage is often caused when the typhoon reaches the coast, partly due to high tidal waves. The force usually decreases above land, but the abundant rainfall can then be the cause of flooding and landslides. Many houses in the Philippines, especially in the countryside, are built of bamboo & wood. The probability that a typhoon damage these houses is high.

Stay in one location during heavy rainfall. The roads can then be badly accessible.

The information provision by the government is good and on time in most cases. Stay informed of the current weather conditions via the websites PAGASA and Rappler.